BOSTON (CBS) – MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow captured the attention and imagination of liberals everywhere last night when she tweeted out that she had exclusive access to a Trump tax return and would be covering it on her show. Viewers tuned in expecting to hear about this “breaking news”, but were instead treated to a twenty-minute monologue. When she finally revealed the document (two pages of a tax return from 2005), it became clear that there was nothing damaging or scandalous in the return. In fact, if anything, the tax return boosted President Trump’s credibility, as he paid close to forty million dollars in taxes that year. Nobody knows who “leaked” the tax return (the reporter theorized that it could even have come from Trump himself), but it was obvious that Maddow overpromised and under delivered. Will this put the quest to uncover Trump’s tax returns to rest? Did this incident validate Trump’s message that the media is obsessed with attacking him?

Originally broadcast March 15th, 2017.


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