TAUNTON (CBS) – Police are searching for a plow driver who hit a woman while she was shoveling in front of her house and then drove away.

Cynthia MacDonald was shoveling in the street in front of her Bay Street home when she was hit by the yellow plow attached to a pickup truck.

The plow driver did not stop. MacDonald’s son Brian Higgins is still in shock that someone could hit his mom and leave her there with a broken leg, arm, ribs and shoulder along with puncturing a lung.

macdonald Police Seek Plow Driver In Taunton Hit And Run

Cynthia MacDonald (Family photo)

“The guy looped around and came back and slowed down and saw her then took off,” Higgins said.

Higgins says his mom was shoveling a path for the mail carrier before it iced over when she was hit. Neighbors heard her calls for help called 911 and rushed to her side.

“I can’t be thankful enough for them cause if they didn’t find her she would have either froze or she would have got ran over,” Higgins said.

She was taken to Rhode Island Hospital where she has undergone several surgeries.

Taunton Police Lt. Paul Roderick said it’s possible the plow driver did not know he hit the woman.

“I would hope that if you were to hit someone on the side of the road with a plow and you knowingly hit someone on the side of the road with a plow, you would take the time to stop. So we don’t know if he knew,” said Roderick.

Neighbor Frank Rose said he hopes police can quickly find the driver.

“If he knew it happened, he ought to turn himself in. She didn’t deserve that, that’s for sure,” said Rose.

Higgins say his mom has a long recovery ahead and he hopes whoever did this comes forward.

“Maybe somebody will have a change of heart, maybe someone saw something, maybe nothing that could turn into something,” Higgins said.


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