By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – Several rallies took place around Boston for International Women’s Day and in support of ‘A Day Without A Woman.’

A small group demonstrated at the State House and at Copley. A larger rally took place at Downtown Crossing. They came together as one, but also pushed for individual causes.

“I think we are way under-represented in our government and corporations and we need to be there,” said Demie Stathoplos.

“Equal pay and the abortion issue is very important,” said Gunn Waerstad.

Mike Descoteaux came on behalf of his girlfriend who couldn’t leave work, and her two children.

“I felt I had the duty to come out and represent and support equality the best I can,” said Descoteaux.

To prove the impact women have on the economy, an area bakery owned by a woman closed for the day to honor employees and in the spirit of A Day Without A Woman.

Valerie Shulock owns Basil Tree Catering and Café in Cambridge. She stayed open, but is donating half of the day’s proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

“I think it’s an exciting day. It’s a day for people to feel proud and feel good and in the current climate we need every reason to feel good,” said Shulock.

The election of President Trump was an undercurrent to the events.

[graphiq id=”2KhFJnB7iER” title=”Gender Earnings Ratio in the United States” width=”600″ height=”464″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Graphiq” ]

“I have female relatives that do not understand women’s rights have not been fulfilled,” said Stathoplos.

Kendra Eshleman is a college professor concerned about a better future for her students.

“We elected a man who brags about sexual assault. I’d like to see that changed,” said Eshleman

A push for change, those who raised their voices promise will only get stronger.

“I think the solidarity brings, it continues the energy,” said Stathoplos.


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