By Bill Shields

QUINCY (CBS) – Store clerks and cashiers are being put to the test as customers pay with counterfeit bills.

The fake bills have been found at several fast-food places, The Big Y and Stop & Shop.

“Some of it appears to be better than others. You know we do have some very amateur, if you look at it closely you could see some white lines,” said Quincy Police Sgt. Karyn Barkas.

Several $100 bills have also turned up, but so far it’s mostly $20 bills.

“There are some that are pretty difficult to tell,” said Barkas.

Stores have ways to tell counterfeit money apart but rely heavily on the training of their clerks.

“Yes, we train all our cashiers in what to look for, and how to use the technology to spot counterfeit bills,” says Big Y manager, Catie Chapman.

The supermarkets believe the same guy duped their stores but the restaurants believe there were several people that tricked them.

“We obviously want to protect our merchants in the city,” said Barkas.

Counterfeit bills can be detected by lifting it to the light. If a vertical line goes through the bill, then it is real.


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