By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Maybe it was the balmy weather and the disappearance of the snow cover that brought all sorts of people who aren’t used to driving onto the roads around here.

Or maybe it’s just the new normal.

But in just the past week, I have encountered a lifetime’s worth of unbelievably bad driving. Not just the usual Boston-driver stuff: speeding, tailgating, cutting people off, ignoring stop lights and road signs.

There’s a new set of behaviors that are driving me insane, and in the likely vain hope that some of the perps will recognize themselves and listen up and even change their behavior, here is what I’ve been seeing.

• People stopping dead in the middle of the road to ponder their surroundings, with no apparent clue where they are going.

Folks, there is a handy tool you can use to avoid this sort of thing – they’re called maps. These are drawings that will show you the streets you will be traveling on, and if you consult one before you leave the house, you can learn your route in advance.

Many drivers now have GPS devices in their phones or cars that will TELL them where and when to turn. They’re easy to use and may save you from getting honked and yelled at.

• Drivers who cannot handle making a turn or parking in reasonably timely fashion.

You know the type – they put on their blinker, and with no apparent impediment in their way, they inch into their turn like they’re driving with a shallow bowl full of goldfish on the seat next to them. You know where you’re going – for gosh sakes, give it some gas and get out of everyone’s way!

I realize these are examples of a broader phenomenon – people without the slightest clue what they’re doing.

It’s just that when they’re doing it behind the wheel of a two-ton vehicle, it’s especially troublesome.

And it’s becoming an epidemic.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (3)
  1. Let’s not leave out the bad pedestrians and obnoxious cyclists while we’re at it. All of it enabled by the State’s (and city of Boston’s) half-hearted attempts to implement a fair and safe traffic & transportation program. ‘Walk’, ‘Ride your bike’, and ‘Take the T’ are not answers perfect for all people.

  2. Jon – How selfish! The stuff that you’re ranting about are annoyances for sure, but mainly they are just impediments to you getting to your destination – you’re thinking only of yourself.

    You should be ranting about the “usual Boston-driver stuff: speeding, tailgating, cutting people off, ignoring stop lights and road signs”. These are the things that get people killed. Where’s your outrage at these dangerous behaviors? Let’s add texting, reading, holding a cell phone, and applying makeup while driving too.

    Oh wait! To criticize these behaviors is to criticize the State Police for not doing their jobs and you certainly don’t want to be seen criticizing the state, do you?

    You’re sounding like a selfish hypocrite Jon.

  3. I would add another your list, Jon…

    ¤ Obscessive-compulsive road-ragers who lose the awareness of what is going on around them, believing that their rage is the most important matter in the world.

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