MILFORD (CBS) — A red-tailed hawk rescued after colliding with and becoming stuck in the grille of an SUV is “struggling, but hanging in there” at Tufts Wildlife Clinic, according to police.

In a post on their Facebook page, Milford Police said a woman was driving her Honda SUV on Route 495 Saturday when the hawk swooped in front of her and hit the car, becoming stuck.

A young man and woman tried to free the bird after the woman stopped at a nearby gas station, but the hawk’s sharp talons and beak kept them away.

Firefighters arrived and used a thick blanket and heavy gloves to remove the hawk without being injured.

The hawk, now dubbed Hermione, was taken to Tufts by the young man and woman.

Doctors there were optimistic about Hermione’s recovery, though the extent of her injuries wasn’t yet known. Police said Sunday that veterinarians planned to sedate her today to find out if she had any broken bones or internal injuries.


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