By Lisa Hughes

PLAISTOW, NH (CBS) – A wedding ring was lost and found the night before the couple’s 30th anniversary, which happens to be Valentine’s Day. Now the search is on for its owner.

It was Monday at the AutoZone in Plaistow, NH, but the night turned out to be anything but normal. “A customer of ours made a purchase, came outside and as she was returning to her car, she found a ring on the ground. Which she then picked up and brought inside and wanted to make sure it was returned to the rightful owner if at all possible,” says John Leonard, the store’s manager.

It was a wedding band with five stones. “It’s a nice ring. It’s got an inscription inside of it. It looked pretty important,” says Leonard.

It’s what’s written on the ring that got everyone’s attention. “On the inscription inside, the date is Valentine’s Day, 1987,” says Leonard.

That means the ring was lost on the day before the couple’s 30th anniversary. “I wouldn’t want to be the guy who loses his wedding ring on the 30th anniversary,” says Plaistow Police Capt. Brett Morgan.

The AutoZone folks brought the lost jewel to the Plaistow Police where it waits to be claimed. They’ll know the true owner if he can tell them what else is written on the ring.

“You can give us a call. Be prepared to identify the rest of the inscription on the inside, and if you have a photograph of yourself wearing it, it would be even better,” says Capt. Morgan.

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