BOSTON (CBS) — Julian Edelman could come up with ways to cash in on his fourth-quarter circus catch in Super Bowl LI, which will likely go down as the most famous catch of his career and perhaps the most famous in Super Bowl history. Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Edelman’s imagination is running wild with him.

Edelman was a special guest along with Bill Belichick on The Tonight Show with Fallon last week after the Patriots won Super Bowl LI. Fallon suggested during the interview that Edelman should open a chain of seafood restaurants called “Edelman’s Catch” – an obvious nod to his instant classic catch in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ stunning comeback win in the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons.

Watch the above video to see Edelman imagine himself as the owner of “Edelman’s Catch” while he goes to work in a montage set to Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True.” Edelman posted the video on Tuesday, then later tweeted it saying “Hey @jimmyfallon, you might be onto something … #edelmanscatch”.

Edelman is still playing football at a high level and making millions of dollars for it. But when the time comes that football is over for him, maybe Fallon gave him the idea he needed for a second career.


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