By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – OK, no more nice guy.

I’ve tried politely talking sense to the drivers among us who can’t bring themselves to clear the snow from their car windows before they set out. I’ve tried gentle persuasion, sarcasm, and even some mild shouting.

But now it’s time to roll out the heavy artillery – flat-out shaming.

I was on the road for about three hours at midday Sunday, before the worst of this storm arrived and after a night and morning of, at worst, a very light dusting of additional snow.

And what I saw appalled me.

I would say half of the drivers on the road had not bothered to thoroughly clear the snow from their front, back and side windows.

In most of those cases, this failure was creating a clear safety hazard – back windows completely obscured, no or minimal visibility out the side window, rear-view mirrors clogged up, and in many cases, a major load of snow on the roof untouched from Friday’s storm ready to slide all over their windshield or that of a hapless fellow motorist.

Beyond the usual exemption for frail or disabled people who didn’t have someone to help them do it, there is no excuse for this irresponsible, unsafe behavior.

So it’s time to drop the gloves and speak bluntly to the offenders, you know who you are.

Or to put it another way, who do you think you are?

The law and the basic civic responsibility to avoid posing a hazard to others don’t apply to you somehow?

Shame on you, shame!

And be warned – if I see you doing it again, I will take your picture and post it on Twitter so that everyone can join me in the shaming.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (6)
  1. That Camry is fine, less road rage Jon you poof, they country is about to go to war and you are whining about a little snow on a back window. I had a work van with no back windows….

    1. You must be clueless Mitchell Hedberg. These dangerously lazy, idiots are an accident waiting to happen. Have you not seen what happens behind these twits when all that snow and ice comes flying off their cars and hits the car windshields behind them? Going down the highway that driver can lose control and lose their life. Their vehicle can be damaged and insurance rates get jacked up because of stupid, inconsiderate jerks. Might I add Mitchell, it is against the law. These brainfart twits should lose the privilege to even drive for putting others in danger. I’m taking photos myself of as many of these empty headed play things and posting them on local law enforcement pages to ask them to start getting serious about this dangerous selfless act of stupidity. If you’re worried about this country going to war then please go cry on a post with other hysterical crybabies afraid a war is coming to town.

  2. Totally agree with you, John. People who buy SUVs because they feel safe in them and then are unable to maintain them in a safe drivable condition so that it is not a danger to others should be driving Toyota Corollas. Others are just lazy and thoughtless. I had a friend who was almost killed on Storrow Drive when a huge chunk of snow blew off the vehicle in front of her, causing her to lose control and crash. She spent many weeks recovering from that accident. In the spirit of kindness (and self-preservation) i will happily help an elderly or disabled person with the job.

  3. in attleboro today ice fell of someones roof and smashed a ladies windshield on 95

  4. gotham23 says:

    Why don’t you try blaming our lazy police? They’re the ones who let motorists get away with this. You can drive by a cop with two feet of snow on top of your car and he won’t lift a finger to do anything about it, pulling you over is something they’re just not interested in doing. Of course, on those rare occasions when it causes a severe accident, the police will do their best to track down that one guy and prosecutors will throw the book at him…even while they still let everybody else get away with it…until the next accident.

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