ARLINGTON (CBS) – A massive tree crashed down on a mother walking with her little boy in Arlington Monday afternoon.

Sarah Dredge and her toddler were pinned to the ground surrounded by live wires when the tree fell on Morton Road.

“I just heard the crack and turned and saw it falling and thought they’re all going to be dead under there,” said Elizabeth Butler, Dredge’s sister in law.

An Arlington family watched in horror as a day of fun in the snow quickly became a nightmare.

Sarah Dredge was injured when a tree fell on her in Arlington (Family photo)

Sarah Dredge was injured when a tree fell on her in Arlington (Family photo)

“It was like a cage around them,” Butler said. “The police said it’s probably like a thousand pound tree branch that fell right on them.”

Two little girls crawled out with just bumps and scrapes but still trapped under the heavy branches were Dredge and her two-year-old son.

“Someone handed the baby to me and he seemed OK,” said Danielle Herrell who lives nearby. “The mom blocked it a lot, so I think her head; they took her off in the ambulance. She hit her head pretty hard.”

Neighbors worked quickly but carefully to help. The massive tree wasn’t the only danger.

A tree pinned a mother in Arlington (WBZ-TV)

A tree pinned a mother in Arlington (WBZ-TV)

“That mother and child, not only did they miss the tree but then they had to get out of that whole mess there, lines down on the ground, a transformer down on the ground,” said Arlington Police Captain Richard Flynn.

Crews worked for hours to clear the branches and restore power to surrounding homes. But those who love Sarah and her son are just counting their blessings this is a mess that can be fixed.

“It’s unbelievable,” Butler said. “I think it’s a miracle that they’re all OK.”

Dredge’s family believes she only suffered a concussion and will be released from the hospital soon.

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