BOSTON (CBS) – I do think you can play cupid on the cheap this Valentine’s Day and still make it special.

Make a list of everyone that needs to be reminded how much they are loved. Then next to their name make another column of how much you want to spend or can afford to spend on each individual. Set up a budget. If money is tight because you are still paying off Christmas, you can still make it memorable.

This year most everyone that made my list is far away so I will be mailing them cards and some will get gifts as well. And in their cards, I like to let them know why I do love them.

I do have to complain about the card industry here; because the price of cards are outrageous. I have seen some for $7.99.

Fancy cards are indeed lovely but most folks do not keep them as souvenirs but toss them out. Kids can make their cards for their grandparents but my talents do not lend themselves to making a card for my family. If I did, they might think I was a bit dotty doing arts & crafts!

A simple card with an added note as to why your sweetheart or your granddaughter is important to you works well.

And I have on occasion copied a poem and put it in the card. Or used a color printer and added some hearts and flowers to the border and used that as my card.  And there are e-cards. A truly inexpensive way to go.

When my daughter and granddaughter lived closer it was easier. A single rose and some candy. And being the cheapskate that I am, the flowers would be fresh but the candy was always bought at 50-70% off right after Christmas and saved for Valentine’s day.

I have a 12 ounce Hershey kiss to mail to my granddaughter this year. It is 6 inches high. It is a very big kiss and she will be most impressed. And I am sure her mother will make her ration it until at least Easter.


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