BOSTON (CBS) — Any significant event in your life can raise lingering questions and provide telling answers. And last night’s Super Bowl was no exception.

Let’s start with the questions: How is it that one team can completely dominate for three quarters, and then be completely dominated in the fourth? And, what exactly was Lady Gaga doing out there?

Now to the answers:

  • Who is the best coach in the league? Last night was a clinic. One coach adjusted to what happened during the game, the other did nothing as his game plan fell apart. When things went bad, one coach’s players were openly bickering, the other’s were not. Case closed.
  • What is the moral of the story? Sorry for the cliché, but “never give up.” Was this better than down 3-0 to the Yankees in 2004? Discuss among yourselves.
  • Was Commissioner Goodell properly humiliated after the game? I’d say yes. The way he had to reach over and pat Tom Brady’s arm to get his attention in order to offer his groveling congratulations, classic freeze-out move by Brady. Nice, discrete payback by Robert Kraft in his remarks.

And then there was the booing. Wow. I haven’t heard booing like that since A-Rod was in his prime.

* And a final question: Does this make up for everything we fans have been through? It’s sheer pleasure for us, sheer torture for all the bitter, jealous losers of Pats-hating World.

Yes, I’d say we’re square.

Listen to Jon’s commentary

Comments (4)
  1. I agree with you Jon. Friends and family calling and texting and screaming with delight after that come from behind victory…and as happy as we were….when we then remembered…Goodell is going to have to give him the trophy, wow, that was just the frosting on the cake. Maybe even the whole cake, the entree and the appetizer! [g]

    In the moment that Tom Brady, Bill and the entire team, won that SuperBowl, they made everything right again, for every Patriot fan in New England. And yes, the booing of Goodell was very very gratifying. I wasn’t there to be able to boo him, so I thank all the fans who were there and did such a great job booing him. I noticed, Goodell trying to get a photo op shaking hands with Brady, despite the obvious decision by Tom that someone else would give him the trophy. Tom clearly trying to ignore him, unsmiling, which is very atypical of Tom Brady and with hesitation to reach out to shake his hand. I agree, was the opinions and feelings of the fans toward Goodell expressed adequately. To me, yes.

    And that finishes the whole defiategate even for me once and for all and ties it up in a neat little package. Go Pats!

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      Someone had told Brady when he shook hands with Goodell to make it painful. Did you note that he held Goodell’s hand longer than normal. Goodell tried to walk away but Brady was still holding his hand so he had to turn back. Quiet grace, Tom! Well done.

  2. It was a great game and an example of why the Patriots were absolutely the best team in the league this year.

    As for Bill and Tom being the greatest football combo in the history of the game? A case certainly can be made for that, and I would not be hesitant to make it.

    But I see the one of the reasosn for their being the greatest in Josh McDaniels choosing to stay with the Bill and Tom team. He wants to stay with the winners, as do all of the other coaches, assistants, and players that work under them.

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      And to think that some (ahemm not to be named) had Brady fading/retiring several years ago.

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