By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Anyone here who doesn’t want to see our government do everything they can to keep foreign terrorists who want to kill Americans out of the country? I didn’t think so, that’s a no-brainer.

But President Trump’s executive order of a temporary ban on refugees from certain predominantly-Muslim countries has turned out to be a no-brainer in a different sense – a move lacking proper thought and preparation.

The president’s people claim their Friday afternoon edict, which touched off confusion and well-publicized cases of bad judgement within a poorly-prepared immigration bureaucracy, is no different from a move the Obama administration made a few years ago after an Iraqi refugee was implicated in a domestic terror plot.

But that’s not true.

There was never a refugee ban, just a slowdown while vetting procedures were tightened.

More to the point, even that action by Obama resulted in the same sort of bureaucratic screw-ups we’ve been seeing the past few days – innocent refugees barred from flights, others removed from planes, families thrown into a state of chaos and fear.

Immigration is one of our country’s most volatile political issues, always has been. The presence of criminals and potential terrorists among those trying to come here is a serious issue that should be dealt with seriously and with high priority.

But the Trump White House hasn’t yet made the transition from campaigning to governing.

True governing would have meant waiting for the well-qualified new Homeland Security Secretary, Gen. John Kelly, to take office and work out implementation details of the refugee ban. Instead, we got a rushed, politicized mess.

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  1. Jon – Where’s your outrage at Obama sticking his nose in and stirring the pot? Sure he’s an American citizen and entitled to voice his opinions, but as ex-President, he not really like the rest of us and if he had an ounce of class, he’d keep his mouth shut right not. Why isn’t anyone calling on him to be quiet and let Trump govern? Extend the same courtesy to Trump that was extended to him by Bush and all the previous administrations.

    And talk about impulse control! As a representative of CBS and this trash station WBZ, you jump and respond to every word that Trump says. You may try to be civil but the rest of your colleagues do not – they incite violence and act as if they are his marionettes. It’s almost comical watching you make fools of yourselves. You all act as though this immigration EO is a huge surprise, even though Trump has said exactly what he was going to do, over and over for the last year! Here’s a tip: to avoid future surprise and shock, reread everything he said he was going to do. Then you won;t be surprised when he issues his next EO. Expect it.

    1. You are right too Steve – Obama should never have stuck his nose in, but what I’ve come to expect from him. And I expect Democrats to excuse the same behavior or worse in Obama that they would criticize Trump for. What other past President did anything similar to that? What past President would not criticize Obama for it?

      I agree, that the opposition to Trump has become out of control. And there has been nothing fair about the criticism. But, Trump has also made things worse by the way he has gone about things. If Democrats had gotten into office and in a week’s time had made so many executive orders, that went against the grain of half the country, Trump supporter’s would be screaming their heads off too. Fair is fair.

      Party politics is going to be our undoing. The polarization has gotten to the point, where people on both sides of the aisle are perfectly content to force their views on the other side instead of working things out and compromising. It’s not just the politicians who are wrong and headed in the wrong direction, so are all American voters.

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