BOSTON (CBS) — Media Day — or night, or whatever the heck it is now — is awkward enough.

There’s all those oddball questions from people wearing oddball outfits. There’s the forced laughter from the players being interviewed. There’s all those questions the players have no desire to answer.

And then the NFL goes and makes the two opposing head coaches in Super Bowl LI force a moment. But at least we got some awkward awesomeness out of that forced moment on Monday night, as Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was denied a hug by Falcons head coach Dan Quinn at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Shortly after the Falcons finished their Opening Night media session, captains from both teams took the stage to shake hands. The two coaches were part of that group, and it appeared Belichick wanted to go a step further with his head coaching brother.

Belichick is obviously a firm believer in the “Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!” school of though. Quinn, however, is not:

The two will cross paths again at some point throughout the week, and potentially again at the end of Super Bowl LI. We’ll have to see if Belichick goes in for another hug, or if it’s one of those cold, dead handshakes that he usually saves for Eric Mangini.


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