DALLAS (AP) — The Boy Scouts of America says it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys only programs.

The organization announced Monday that it had made the decision to base enrollment in boys only programs on the gender a child or parent lists on the application to become a scout. The organization had previously held a policy that relied on the gender listed on a child’s birth certificate.

A spokeswoman for the organization says it made the decision based on states and communities changing how gender is defined.

A transgender child in Secaucus, New Jersey, was asked late last year to leave his Scout troop after parents and leaders found out he is transgender.

Comments (2)
  1. utter disgrace…..indeed we lost the moral compass in the usa…….truly tragic

  2. Bob Hammond says:

    The Boy Scouts are no longer the Boy Scouts if they allow girls. Why not just call them the Scouts and allow everyone, why not combine the Boy and Girl Scouts? Hint: because that would not further the trans agenda. I stopped supporting the Boy Scouts awhile back and this confirms I made the right decision.

    Feel free to call the Scouts and let them know what you think of their decision.
    (972) 580-2000

    If girls can choose to be boys, I can choose to be a Ham Sandwich.

    Please like and share the “I’m a Ham Sandwich” page.

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