HYANNISPORT (CBS) – Three people were arrested in a drug bust at a multi-million dollar Cape Cod home owned by the Shriver family.

Investigators say the caretaker of the Hyannisport home helped Troy Monteiro and Trevor Rose use the house as a base of operations for distributing fentanyl.

Officers arrested the two men and Monteiro’s girlfriend, Ariel Price-Perry, and seized about 200 grams of fentanyl on Wednesday.

Trevor Rose, Troy Monteiro and Ariel Price-Perry (Barnstable PD Photos)

Trevor Rose, Troy Monteiro and Ariel Price-Perry (Barnstable PD Photos)

Rose and Monteiro are originally from Cape Cod but were living in the New Bedford area. Investigators say they traveled to the Cape on a daily basis to “distribute large quantities of fentanyl to numerous Cape Cod area users and dealers.”

Many of the transactions allegedly took place in the area of Fortes Beach in Hyannisport and the Shriver family home on Atlantic Ave. The pair allegedly hid the drugs at the beach.

Records show the property is owned by a Limited Liability Company managed by Bobby Shriver III, who is the son of the late Sargent and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Police say the Shriver family was not at the home during the two-month investigation and had no knowledge of the alleged drug dealing operation.

Monteiro and Rose, both 29, were charged with trafficking fentanyl. Price-Perry, 26, was arrested for allegedly trying to destroy evidence as Monteiro was being arrested.

The property caretaker, who has not been identified, was responsible for allowing the suspects to use the residence.

A representative for the family tells WBZ they have no comment on the arrests.

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