NORTH ANDOVER (CBS) — Jean Torrisi loves taking photos on vacation and of her family. So when the lens on her Samsung camera broke, she immediately sent it away for repairs.

“I call Samsung and they said we can fix it for you, no problem,” said Torrisi, of North Andover.

But there was a problem. Once the camera was fixed, it got shipped off to El Paso, Texas, instead of back to North Andover.

Then it vanished.

Jean spent weeks reaching out to Samsung trying to track it down.

“Thirteen customer service representatives later, 3-5 days, everyone told me they’d get back to me … Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” explained Jean. “That’s when I decided to call the WBZ I-Team.”

Jean Torrisi with her new camera. (WBZ-TV)

Jean Torrisi with her new camera. (WBZ-TV)

WBZ’s I-Team is now joining forces with Call For Action to resolve consumer disputes. Call For Action is a network of consumer advocates here in Boston and around the country.

“And when I called you within 24 hours, I got a gift card in the mail for $250 to replace the camera that they lost on me,” Jean said.

She immediately went to the store to get herself a new camera.

“Once WBZ got involved, I could not believe how fast my problem was resolved,” she said.

Our I-Team will still be hard at work as your government watchdog holding the powerful accountable. Our work with Call for Action gives us the opportunity to focus on your consumer problems.

If you run into a dead end with a consumer issue, you can reach the I-Team’s Call for Action at or 617-787-7352.

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