By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Where would we be in the depths of a New England winter without playoff football?

It distracts us from the cold and slush, and gives us a reason to party, as if we needed one.

But with all that fun comes anxiety.

We want Roger Goodell handing that Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady. Anything less will be a comedown, and plunge us back into deep midwinter despair, am I right?

So in order to reassure myself about the Patriots playoff trajectory, I turned to my favorite expert on football, someone I’ve watched many a game with, my dog, Buddy the Wonder Lab.

How is the Pats’ defense going to treat the Houston offense Saturday night, I asked?

“Ruff,” said Buddy, and I agree, we are going to blitz the daylights out of Brock or Biff or whatever the Texans’ quarterback’s name is.

How long will it take the Pats to seize control of this game?

“Arf,” says Buddy, and again, that’s right on the money, you may see some first-quarter rust but by halftime, everything should be under control.

What’s going to fall in on Houston once we get cranked up?

“Woof,” predicts Buddy, and no doubt, the roof will fall in those guys fairly quickly.

Buddy has never been wrong, and will get a nice reward if and when this prediction comes through.

Because while I am not a betting man, I am a petting man.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (3)
  1. Buddy is one pretty pooch. Smart too.

  2. Bob Babineau says:

    January 13, 2017 – The day Jon Keller lost his mind

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