BOSTON (CBS) — Do you want to know the truth? Or do you just want information that reaffirms your own bias, whether or not it’s false?

If you prefer truth with your morning coffee, then you need to be on the lookout for fake news, made-up stories and internet hoaxes that are gaining increasing traction in an environment where way too many people believe that if they read something on their Facebook feed, hear it on some radio talk show, or see it online then it must be true.

A case in point: This was the story that owned the internet yesterday, a video posted on Twitter by a New York man claiming Delta Airlines discriminated against him by ejecting him from his flight after he conducted a phone conversation with his mother in Arabic.

As we taped this commentary Wednesday, Delta was still investigating what happened. His story may turn out to be true, although an actual journalist, Soledad O’Brien, has reported that at least one source on the plane questions whether the infamous phone call ever took place.

In the meantime, here’s one thing we do know for sure: the guy who posted this is a serial online prankster who has admitted to staging a fake racial-profiling incident in the past.

His latest video was shared on Twitter more than half a million times, and the hashtag he created–#BoycottDelta–was trending worldwide all day.

Was it yet another hoax? If so, the damage is nonetheless done, and score yet another triumph for knee-jerk gullibility over truth.

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    And how far have you gone to read all the research pro and con about climate change ? wasn’t it not too long ago it was called something else but the scientists were led by a politician named Gore who somehow lost an election not because of chads in Florida but because he couldn’t carry his home state.. And this loser politician whose own mansion was using an inordinate amount of Electricity was telling the world we were destroying the world by the use of fossil fuels while he was the ultimate user of that fuel to generate the electricity he needed for his abode. ANd down the road we find out that the UK university he hired to generate the research conveniently manipulated the numbers to get the results he so sought. ANd down that same road we find out he has invested in the technology that his quasi research has recommended. And now we want to know who is creating hoaxes. Seems to me you bought the hoax and are now spreading it around. It may well be there is real climate changes happening around us – afterall over the millions of years of evolution of this planet there have been many climate changes some going back before man even knew what fossil fuels were or even back to a time when life was still evolving. We represent less then a flyspeck of the time this planet has been evolving and still is. There may be evolutionary changes taking place as the cycle has happened over and over since the birth of this planet. Have you read the research of the German university that proves the data was manipulated prior to the most recent Paris accord on climate change? So before you wear yourself out believing your own words I suggest you read and understand why scientists like to create new sciences even invalid ones. It is called self preservation.

    1. Thanks for the scholarly recitation of all the denial excuses and the little world history lesson. This is really much bigger than Al Gore or any other excuses.

  2. bees_knees_6 says:

    As far as Delta is concerned. I have far more important things to do than to pay attention to this nonsense. It certainly does not sound like Delta as they have always been accepting of all folks. If it is, we can blame Trump. No? Well, for eight years I have listened to the right blame everything on Obama……it’ll be hard for them to criticize anyone who follows suit with Trump ;)

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