AMHERST (CBS) — It’s been a week of flag-related controversy for Hampshire College, after the school’s Board of Trustees made the decision to lower the U.S. flag on campus to half-staff in the wake of the presidential election–and then decided to remove the flag entirely after a wave of backlash.

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Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker he knows it’s a controversial decision to remove the flag, but he wanted to create a dialogue among those with differing opinions about the symbol.

A worker takes down an American flag on the campus of Hampshire College. (WBZ-TV)

A worker takes down an American flag on the campus of Hampshire College. (WBZ-TV)

“There were a range of views on campus, including people whose experience growing up have made the flag a symbol of fear, which was strengthened by the toxic language during the campaign, and people for whom the flag is the symbol of all that’s best throughout the country,” said Lash.

He said the trouble started with a gesture meant to help provoke “meaningful and respectful dialogue” on campus–a stance he outlined in a post on the college’s Facebook page. In that post, he said the Board of Trustees decided to fly the flag at half-staff due to the “environment of escalating hate-based violence” in the wake of the election.

Lash said the gesture was also meant to be an “expression of grief” over deaths around the world, including those of U.S. service members.

But, the move didn’t work as planned and many–especially veterans and families of veterans in the Hampshire College family–saw it as being disrespectful of the tradition of expressing mourning on a national level.

“Frankly, doing that, it didn’t help,” he said. “Flying the flag at half-mast just created more controversy.”

On Veterans Day, someone removed the flag and burned it.

“In the middle of the night, we have no idea who did it or even why,” said Lash.

So that’s why they decided to take down the U.S. flag on campus.

“The flag had become a heated symbol that was making that more difficult,” Lash said. “We really feel our community needs a conversation in which both sides listen to each other, and we wish the nation would have that kind of dialogue. We felt that if we could stop arguing about the symbol, we could get to the underlying issues.”

Of course, that decision has created even more backlash, and Lash said there “certainly is” a lot of anger about the decision.

Tuesday afternoon, the school posted on its Facebook page to say they were temporarily suspending comments because their staff was about to go on holiday, and could not keep up with the huge volume.

The plan now that the flag is down is for group discussions with faculty, staff, and students about the issues, but there is no timeline for when the flag might fly again.

“We intend to go forward with that, and then reconsider how we fly the flag going forward,” Lash said.

Lash outlined the school’s previous policy for lowering the flag, and why the decision to lower it is sometimes difficult.



“When President Obama ordered national flags at half-staff to recognize the victims in Paris, something we completely agreed with, there were a number of people on campus that said ‘Yes, but, what about the hundreds of people being killed  by terror in Syria and Lebanon and Pakistan?’ and asked that the school find some way to recognize victims globally,” said Lash. “So we periodically lowered the flag to recognize victims of violence.”

He said the school will focus on completing those group conversations before putting the flag back up.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports

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  1. Butt hurt liberal worms could simply move to a country that doesn’t fly the American flag.

    1. I recommend a Go-fundME site to relocate this college to the Middle East. My choiice IRAN!!!!!!

      1. I would suggest Saudi Arabia per its stance on Sharia Law per Wahhabism.

    2. Democrats should never be allowed any where near the American flag,they have proven in the last three election cycles they are not worthy.They should even have a separate bill of rights that applies only to them.

    3. All federal Funding should be CUT OFF . ..

  2. Maybe the Government should cease Federal Funding to that college….that would be lesson learned.

  3. I love how the story changed. The Deal with Trump you Liberals, we had to have Obama for 8 years as he shoved Obamacare down our throats

    1. Suke Madique says:

      Do you not remember Romneycare we had in MA anyway Jethro?

  4. The poor little snow flakes are still real-ling from the election Whah!

    1. Actually the word is spelled “realing.”

      verb (used without object)
      1. When a leftist is rocked or swayed after being smacked in the face by reality.

      1. Pete Dosado says:

        Actually the word should be reeling as in Virginia Reel! But then I am not an English Major!

    2. Cassie Russo says:

      Good use of tone, Chris. Writer?

  5. John Glennon says:

    My company wont’ hire anyone from Hampshire that is for sure.

    We don’t have room for safe spaces in this building. Plus there is no money in the budget to buy trophies for showing up.

  6. Alan B Flood says:

    Someone at this (prestigious ?) college needs to read the etiquette rules on the USA flag- the ways they are using the flag are not allowable ways to use it at least not by how I read the rules. Seems to me if the disgruntled student population about the election wants to make their point they either ought to start the political planning for 4 years from now or they ought to wait till this President is installed in office and try to work with or against him. In the meantime if the college leadership is unable to manage the students they are supposed to be educating, then I suggest they step down and allow new leaders who can educate as well as teach some level of political discipline. Otherwise it is time for state and federal authorities to stop all federal funding of the school and its students. That federal funding comes with a price and the school must follow federal laws regarding the use of the flag as well as protecting it from being burnt by students who have no respect for the rule of law.

    1. Yes, also google the Board of Trustees (while you can) and see how many taxpayer projects are involved. BOT wants federal and state money but not a US flag or state flag flying. Defies logic.

    2. Lewis Goudy says:

      The flag code statute was ruled unconstitutional and therefore is not in force except as advisory. Your invocation of the rule of law disregards that it does not extend to unconstitutional laws which for various reasons remain on the books. By your logic Trump should cut of federal funds to states that fail to prosecute oral sex.

  7. Toni Lua says:

    Alan B Flood I agree completely with you. The administration are being wimps. They run the school not the students.

  8. Dan Fording says:

    Let us drop you anywhere in the world and have an emergency and see how fast you look for that flag that you want to disrespect. Maybe you should teach what it took to make that flag instead of tearing it down

  9. How extremely disrespectful to all the veteran’s and to all the citizens of the United States.

    I’m tired of anti-American – American’s disrespecting our country and our flag.

    Many of these people who burn our flag are the same people that scream their point of view across the country but repress and demonize those who disagree.

    When they do not win they resort to anarchy and treason.

    1. The final sentence from the Pres. is “We hope this will enable us to instead focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.”

    2. Thanks for that link. That sounds like the unsanitized, real story.

  10. Scut Farkus says:

    Diddum widdum widdle butt hurt? Poor babies!

  11. Obviously the college doesn’t want and shouldn’t receive any government funding. And I bet they change their tune when it stops.

    It’s ironic, all the stories calling people un-American for not supporting Obama when he won, in spite of few people not supporting him, yet now with thousands of people not supporting Trump (and I didn’t vote for him) they think it’s American to not support him.

  12. How long before these leftists raise the hammer and sickle in place of the American flag they removed and so obviously detest?

  13. I would say no federal money to this college ever again until the board has been 100% replaced. No federal student loans, no grants, no research funds of any kind.


  14. Mickey Aggie says:

    Cut off all federal funding to include calling in all student loans. Thousands have died for that flag and to have some worthless person trying to be PC pull OUR flag down disgusts me. As one who has over 30 gunshot and shrapnel wounds and been blown up in the Beirut Embassy, I am appalled at what this school has done. Bulldoze the school.

  15. All schools from elementary thru college are becoming Communist br ending grounds ..Parent need to act like adults protest like hell in front of the school and meetings and demand these traitors resign like the blacks do if they don’t get their way

  16. Jeff Johnson says:

    Sounds like this guy admires the Baird principal from the movie Scent of a Woman.

  17. muneshadowe says:

    Hampshire College churning out US taxpayer funded marxists daily for our benefit.

  18. It’s actually now illegal for people to assemble at this college. The law clearly states that there must be an American flag present for lawful assembly.

  19. Teddy Novak says:

    Democrats haven’t been this upset since Republicans ended slavery.

  20. Is there a new group of people now? Flagphobics ??

  21. can i say the obvious? or is that banned along with that flag?
    the dweeb college president said it was difficult to balance the opinions.
    let’s see, the flag goes to half mast (without any reason than political butt hurt),
    let’s see, the flag is burned on veteran’s day,
    let’s see, the flag is banned completely from campus.

    where, in these interactions were the opinion of the patriotic flag loving campus students represented.
    oh, i see, they weren’t. liberal know it all condescending attitudes voted out loudly two weeks ago. that’s what really happened.

  22. Ken Osborne says:

    If I went to school there, I would never given them another dime in support. I would be ashamed to admit I ever went to school there. I can’t imagine a school having such cowards in charge. It makes me wonder what kind of educational experience the students are getting. I suspect they will not graduate prepared for the real world.

  23. Art Swanson says:

    Isn’t it amazing that the very people who are chancellors, presidents, et al, who are supposed to be well educated, think that they have become anointed to tell the world that they are speaking for them.

  24. Do students at his school use federal financial aid to pay tuition? Does school receive any federal research money-all federal money should immediately cease!

  25. David Batlle says:

    I look at resumes all day long. If I spot one from Hampshire, straight to the trash.

  26. The proper response to this outrage would have been to torch the cars of all the Board of Trustee members. Maybe then they’d get the message.

  27. These people are so stupid and do not deserve the very freedoms that flag represents. Enough of these Marxist indoctrination institutions.

  28. Charles Dil says:

    A “college” which produces unemployed snowflakes.

  29. This is okay. I’m flying a second battle flag to make up for the comrades in post-America.

  30. The US flag is a heated symbol? Only to those who are attempting to overthrow its significance would say such a thing. The American flag is something in which legal immigrants can be proud of. This is America after all. It is NOT Mexico. We have one flag and we are considered one people under one God. For those criminals who come here illegally, or for those traitors who are offended by our flag and what it stands for, you can always leave.

    We actually would prefer it…

  31. bandit08 says:

    End all federal funds – maybe they’ll reconsider then

  32. “He said the trouble started with a gesture meant to help provoke “meaningful and respectful dialogue” on campus…”

    These leftists are so full of BS. Who for one minute thinks they would have done this if Hillary had won? No, instead they would have thrown a parade and accused all dissenters of misogyny, racism, bigotry, etc. They’re a bunch of liars and hypocrites.

  33. Mary Kelly says:

    I would like to ask most people on this site to use the term “TAXPAYERS” money instead of Federal money. The Federal Government would NOT have any money if it wasn’t for the taxpayers.

  34. In order to reduce controversy and encourage dialogue and in keeping with the high educational standards at the school the next move is to remove and burn all the books on campus.

  35. George Lee says:

    It should be part of the college’s required reading, The United States Flag code, Title 4 as recited here:>
    It is not up to the college, it’s board, or the students to decide when , where and how to display our country’s flag. They would do well to upgrade their civics education, and stop the grandstanding…

  36. Paul Roberts says:

    Hampshire College In Amherst -President Jonathan Lash – Your Fired!
    You just lost your Federal funding for the 2017 – 2021 years. Fools! Move to Mexico!

  37. Paula Hayes says:

    It breaks my heart to see such disrespect shown to our flag.
    These little tyrants should not be “consulted” about the issue
    but grounded for a few years until they grow up,..

  38. They just keep proving every day the election outcome was necessary and proper. We have been served or led (as some may say) too long by those we used to study in Abnormal Psych.

  39. Where IS that special stupid school that university administrator wannabes attend? Seriously. Where IS that place?

    I realize that it requires a pretty good talent for stupidity, but to achieve this epic, dare I say, biblical level of stupidity surely requires special and extensive training.

    It has to be absolutely hilarious to watch a team of four PhDs vainly attempting to solve the mystery of escape from a well lighted room with an open door clearly marked “EXIT.”

    Or watching them trying desperately to make 2+2 sum to 4 three times consecutively while wearing mittens.

    Or, my personal favorite, watching them attempt to pour pi$$ from a boot when the instructions are clearly written on the heel.

    Serioulsy now. WHERE IS THIS KEYSTONE KOPS KOLLEGE. God, I’d pay to watch.

  40. So a campus of a college in New Hampshire, one of the original 13 colonies, where men fought and died for the independence and freedom of the country, a state where the motto is “Live Free or Die”, can’t decide to fly the flag a full staff due to the results of a free election? The leadership should be ashamed of themselves.

  41. Dan Defoe says:

    Typical behavior from the unAmerican left.

  42. College can’t teach common sense.

  43. Bud Sage says:

    This college president demonstrates the signs of a weak mind. He sets out to make a statement by placing the flag at half-staff after the election, then when called out makes up some nonsense about how it was “meant to be an “expression of grief” over deaths around the world, including those of U.S. service members.” What a weak and pitiful “man”.

  44. Andy Howe says:

    We need to stop calling colleges and universities institutes of higher education. Instead it should be institutionalized care for lower education.

  45. boltuprite says:

    Progressives always meddle, and when it blows up in their faces they go into heavy CYA mode.

  46. David Colon says:

    So these intellectuals and so-called civilized elite class who knows better than all of us believe that their actions will not create further division and or possibly incite someone (who is not anchored) to commit some type of violence against someone who voted for trump is the right thing to do?!
    Then I offer to the rest of us that who are not as smart as they are, this is an example of the hatred, prejudice and intolerant behavior of those who claim they are not. Tyrants always claim that they know better than the people they are suppose to lead.

  47. Hiram Floss says:

    it’s kind of appropriate since colleges (indoctrination sewers) have killed free speech.

  48. Bruce Love says:

    Liberals don’t realize they’ve bent so far over backwards that their view of reality is obscured by the linings of their duodenum and that the outlandish tenets of modern liberal progressivism are implausible in a functioning society.

  49. DONT HIRE AMHERST GRADS. DONT GIVE TO THE COLLEGE. DONT SUPPORT THIS BACKASSWARDS anti-American, snowflake manufacturing institution. This election has proven a majority of us are sick of this pathetic posturing and ultra lib behavior. these people are more destructive than the Alt Right. They are divisive, anti-constitution, anti-American Culture, anti-Free Enterprise, Anti-borders.

  50. ‘Flags’ but soon, ‘…..Last week, in the current environment of escalating hate-based violence, we made the decision to fly (quarantine) Hampshire’s U.S. flag (Jews) at half-staff (in Ghettos) for a time while the community delved deeper into the meaning of the flag (Jews) and its (their) presence on our campus….’

  51. Tony Johnson says:

    Remember when colleges were about education instead of indoctrination?

  52. Any college executive who takes real money from people and gives them this sort of nonsense in return deserves to be thrown in jail for theft. Precious snowflakes, you’re being ripped off…

  53. Tommy Lewis says:

    …”Ben Parker he knows it’s a controversial decision to remove the flag, but he wanted to create a dialogue among those with differing opinions about the symbol.” This is whats wrong with Universities today. What this idiot forgot was that the dialogue was culminated at the BALLOT BOX. If had a student at this University I would seriously consider removing them for this anti-American stance. A perfect example of how the left have taken over the education system and brainwashed students, in liberalism, from K-12 through a 4 year degree. Pathetic.

  54. The academics administering and teaching at this school should be fired and have their credentials burned. Donald Trump was elected to stop this kind of nonsense at the federal level.

    The American flag is the symbol of the United States government. The students have rejected the authority of that government. Therefore any welfare payments (school aid) to the school should be stopped immediately.

  55. The lowering of the flag may be for Academia. It’s dead and we’ll see what comes down the road.

  56. This Board of Trustees is a fine example of the sheer stupidity of those who claw/ pay their way into positions of “power” which, unwittingly, allow them to exhibit their stupidity as shown here.

  57. “Create dialog” What a sorry excuse for absence of a spine.

  58. A leftists idea of “dialogue” is “Shut up, you white male, and listen to and agree with me!”

  59. Don VanDine says:

    There is an immediate and pressing need for a new diversity program in this and all colleges – a government mandated requirement for intellectual diversity in the faculty and administrations that matches the population of the country (isn’t that what we’re told has to happen with most diversity programs?). No Federal funding if you don’t show immediate progress in hiring and promoting (and providing tenure to) conservative-minded professors and instructors. In fact, preference should be made in hiring them due to the hostile environment liberals have created against them.

  60. Chip Payne says:

    Very simple, just like the Sanctuary Cities and States, you immediately lose all Federal funds and support of every kind. The days of screwing around are over! You be a part of this country or get out. Remember “America-Love it or Leave It!” well its back.And if you didn’t vote, keep your mouth shut.

  61. Steve Peck says:

    So, if you want your kid to hate the country, send him there. These people demonstrate that they are the real haters in our society and clearly that is what that teach. Only a true idiot would send their kid to this school, ditto for making donations to these hate mongers.

  62. Carol Bohrer says:

    Taxpayers in the USA will save a large bundle of money when Federal funds for all programs on that campus are no longer available. Any others standing in line?

  63. These are the same people who called it “un-american” to not support Obama when he won. Butthurt hypocrites.

  64. Defunding these Marxist cesspools should be #1 on President Trump’s to-do list.

  65. Maybe this college should move to a Islamic Country, or China, since they hate the United States so much. Any student who believes like they do, and can not give the Flag Of The United States due respect, or the vote of the people due respect, should go with them to a Fascist run country where elections are not allowed, and the will of the people is suppresed.

  66. When the Spring Purge begins, it will be very unforgiving for the globalists (and other nation-traitors) of the left.

  67. Fred Doe says:

    The corrupt anti American creatures running these schools and inculcating our young with sick one sided beliefs must be removed immediately. Their resistance after requests for their resignation can determine how it is done.

  68. Maryann Lima says:

    I would rather look at it, as the flag being flown half staff, for the half intelligence on that campus.

  69. Tom Reynolds says:

    Dear Mr. College President,

    Your university is irrelevant. You’re not pumping out leaders or captains of industry. You’re manufacturing highly indoctrinated, screaming, petulant, narcissistic, pampered cry babies whose contribution to mankind will be meaningless. Instead of getting rid of the flag, consider shutting down your institution and sending your precious Snowflakes home to their Safe Spaces.

  70. Since this college exists by the Nations patriot’s,having fought for freedoms, I would suggest
    the Trustees, President of the college, be fired and replaced. Pandering to double minded
    people, who are unable to understand the significance of our flag and unity, perhaps need
    a severe course in the reality of patriotism. The college should teach, expand thinking minds,
    but not allow destructive behavior toward our national treasures. Giving in is not helping
    folks mature or even grow up. You must have a lot of whiners. How disappointing,your
    decision must be to the rest of this nation,as it is to me.Have you taken a step toward being
    an enemy of this nation?

  71. They don’t want to offend anyone, they say, but lowering the flag to half mast because Hillary lost is an insult to those who support Trump and to conservatives every where.

  72. Democrats are so disturbed and so dishonorable that they can’t even be trusted with a simple thing like handling flag protocol properly..

  73. David Smith says:

    “as our campus discusses what the flag represents to all members of our community”

    If the Board of Reagents of this college do not terminate the college president’s contract over this then they should be fired with him.

    It represents our country asshats and if you’re too stupid to understand that then you should find another one to reside in.

  74. devindenv says:

    Did these highly educated MORONS similarly feel compelled to have a “dialogue” after Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012? If not, why not? Why is a “dialogue” necessary now, Mr. Lash? Additionally, your rationale for lowering the flag in the first place is quite telling. You mention that you have lowered the flag previously, “to recognize the victims of violence”. Who are the “victims of violence” in this instance, you asshat?

  75. these snowflakes will never survive the real world…

  76. Jim Temple says:

    There’s only one way to win the battle of ideas and that’s with the almighty dollar. Liberals will never debate anything, primarily because most of their ideas are outside the mainstream. However, they feel they’re immune from having to pay for actions like this so they’ll continue to do this until they pay. It’s time for conservatives to start withhold funds from all these colleges and universities until some serious changes are made.

    We’re not the bad guys because we want to enforce immigration law, we’re not the bad guys because we have free and fair elections, we’re not the bad guys because, once people get into real life, not everyone gets a trophy.

    The students take their clues from the administration so, until the administration decides it’s time to put their big boy pants on, shut off the spigot. If liberals can fund these universities by themselves, then let them do it, they won’t have to worry about funding. However, there’s a lot of public funding and money from good conservatives going to these colleges and universities, it’s time to hold it and let them figure it out.

  77. Ken Osborne says:

    They might have put the flag at half mast to signify the political death of Hillary. May she rest in peace.

  78. This entire school, directors, and students are confused. They don’t know history nor what country in which they dwell. All US funding must be cut, the school closed and moved somewhere offshore. Perhaps a ship that never makes landfall such as a “Man With No Country”.

  79. Well then! Maybe Hampshire College in Amherst should find a new country to go to…

  80. Wow, another totally intolerant school showing their hate for America and its Constitution. REALLY NOT SURPRISED

  81. Seriously, I think that should be a federal offense and their asses be shut down indefinitely never mind loose all government funding from the United States of America whose Flag is missing.

  82. Tom Lenz says:

    And the pompous denizens of the “Seven Sisters”- through their muppet Liz Warren – were in high dudgeon because Steve Bannon disparaged the bilge they produce?

  83. The only reason they have a problem with the
    flag is because they haven’t been handed one

  84. Pete Dosado says:

    Wonderful that the President of this podunk college is going to consult with the students! That is right, let the students educate the clueless President and let the inmates runt the asylum!

  85. Whimpering little cry babies, “Mommy he hit me”. Cowards, Bo ho ho.

  86. Dan Delgado says:

    Clueless college students. If they actually studied they would have known that what they probably meant to do was to show the United States in distress. The symbol for that is flying the flag upside down, not half-mast.

  87. They were probably just lowering it enough to set it on fire.

  88. derekcrane says:

    Nearly everyone at that school is high 24/7. They are irrelevant.

  89. Jabber Joe says:

    So many lies in this article ….. so many lies.
    The school is lying, they obviously did this because their candidate lost, was beaten, was demolished, and their liberal agenda was given an tremendous “NO”.
    They claim to educated, thus, they knew exactly what lowering the flag to half mast meant, and then they are going to claim otherwise? Either they are lying and/or they are dumbest academics ever.

  90. John Schmidt says:

    Flying the flag shows respect to our country and the servicemen and women who have defended it and the country for hundreds of years. If you don’t like what is going on, don’t be a coward and burn it or take it down. Change the country. Yes it means work to do that. But a college coddling the children is not doing them any favor. When they go to work, will they be able to burn the company logo because they didn’t like something they did? No. That is the real world. These students should be studying not burning flags. And they should thank the country for the ability to take loans to go to college. They should thank the country for the freedoms they have which they take for granted. When they burn the flag they show disrespect to all who have honored. It is a failure of the education system that doesn’t teach honor for the country, doesn’t teach respect, and doesn’t teach history. You don’t like what is going on, go into government and change it. Temper tantrums just show immaturity.

  91. Gary Levine says:

    College Professors Cant get a real job so they work the way up from elementary school by being older and older Creating Metro sexual snowflake sissies that all want a trophy.

  92. There are three core classes taught at Hampshire College:

    1. Bed wetting
    2. Thumb sucking
    3. Safe zone hugging and cat petting

    Good luck with the rest of your sheltered, mother-may-I lives…losers!

  93. Brian Vineys says:

    President Lash just gave up – instead of teaching the students the understanding of the consequences of elections, he gave in to their crying and vandalism. This is what happened at Mizzou with the BLM thugs, and we saw what happened there – enrollment down 40% and a lot of kids transferring out. I am sure that the ‘students’ that go there will stay on and get their ‘snowflake BA’s’ so they can be the best read baristas at Starbucks.

    I wonder how many took the time to actually vote?

  94. So, in the dark of night some dweeb sneaks up on an American flag, burns it and this causes the entire campus, faculty and students, to wet themselves and drop to their knees and surrender to this jerk…

  95. Dave Neff says:

    Don’t like your Freedom, leave. There are plenty of other places where running your SnowFlake mouth will get you put in Prison, or worse, you get beat to death.
    Run the symbol of Our Republic back up the pole and Salute it. Then thank God you are here.

  96. I weep for anyone who is associated with Hampshire College…this must really be embarrassing!

  97. Ralph Thayer says:

    Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash should not have flags to play with, any more than a child should have matches. Any problem Hampshire College has with chowderhead presidents is closer to home.

  98. Tony Smith says:

    I wonder if Mr. Lash would have lowered the flag to half staff if Hillary would have won, of course in order to provoke “meaningful and respectful dialogue.” LMAO

  99. Louis Latour says:

    FLYING THE FLAG AT HALF-STAFF: The pertinent section of the Flag Code says, “by order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory. In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law.

    In the event of the death a present or former official of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, the Governor of that state, territory, or possession may proclaim that the National flag shall be flown at half-staff.” The code also includes other related details including the specific length of time during which the flag should be displayed at half-staff, in the event of the death of a “principal figure”(e.g., 30 days for the death of a sitting or former President, 10 days for the death of a sitting Vice-President,etc.).

  100. Tom Nichol says:

    Rule #1: SJWs always lie.
    Rule #2: When caught lying, they double down.
    Rule #3: SJWs project.

    #1 “He said the trouble started with a gesture meant to help provoke “meaningful and respectful dialogue” on campus–a stance he outlined in a post on the college’s Facebook page. In that post, he said the Board of Trustees decided to fly the flag at half-staff due to the “environment of escalating hate-based violence” in the wake of the election.”

    The campus president lied. There was no intent to have a meaningful and respectful dialog and he knows it.

    #2 ” On Veterans Day, someone removed the flag and burned it.

    ‘ “In the middle of the night, we have no idea who did it or even why,”’said Lash. ”

    –Mr. Lash, don’t pretend that you didn’t know.–

    #3 ““There were a range of views on campus, including people whose experience growing up have made the flag a symbol of fear, which was strengthened by the toxic language during the campaign, and people for whom the flag is the symbol of all that’s best throughout the country,” said Lash.”

    The primary instigators of violence on campus and in the streets of America are liberal, democrat, progressives. They blame others for actions they employ.

  101. If the flag was lowered by actual University employees, they should be fired. This is complete disrespect for our Republic. It is so very sad and distressing that these schools are called Universities. The term iteself is meant to represent a culture where all ideas are contemplated and considered.

    Today, these schools should be called “UNOversities since they only seem to represent and promote one viewpoint…the most liberal, leftist, anti-American worldview. Students are being brainwashed with these leftist, Marxist ideologies and taught to protest anything that doesn’t go their way. Look at the post-election protests, most of the students interviewed either can’t articulate why they are even protesting or their reasons are so convoluted or otherwise nonsensical that it is clear they are being paid to show up.

    If the Hampshire University President had anything to do with this including looking the other way as the flag was lowered, he should be fired immediately.

    Did we have riots when Obama was elected the first or second time? None that I can remember. The behavior of Clinton supporters is reprehensibile and pathetic.

    Grow up and go do something productive and positive.

  102. Our flag — yours and mine — flies TODAY! So much for diversity of thinking at the college level.

  103. When the left does something hateful and stupid, they claim it is to create a “dialog.”

    When the right does something the left doesn’t like, the left calls it hateful and stupid, and shuts down all dialog.

  104. Mike Keys says:

    Once again, liberal imbeciles prove why America voted to end your reign of stupidity.

  105. Amherst College just created more Republicans. When people see this kind of outrage, the spoiled, clueless, anti-freedom Liberals and their Millennial loser “students” they just turn away. Go Amherst! Dig that hole deeper!

    1. Correction: Meant to say Hampshire College in Amherst, but since the surrounding area is lousy with liberal losers, I conflated two groups of nitwits. Sorry. Meanwhile, it’s heartening to see all the posts here. Most American Universities are cesspools of liberal fascism and hate. IT’s about time we started pushing back. De-fund, boycott, refuse to pay tuition, anything it takes to bankrupt the marxist “professors” in these lunatic asylums.

  106. I have no issue with the students protesting .. I do wonder though, do any of them know what it is they are protesting ? Trump has not taken office .. It seems to me, the brain washed young rich kids are protesting to protest. They are so coddled , that they can’t even grasp the concept of liberty , freedom ,, rights …… Its really sad

  107. Seems like staff is befuddled and confused over nothing. Not very bright. They’re educating these young adults?😬Scared for our future

  108. Suke Madique says:

    Hampshire does not represent 99% of liberals even, they are so far PC as to be a cult like experiment.

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