BOSTON (CBS) – A new study suggests that there is a pattern of racial discrimination by drivers of ride-hailing services in Boston.

Professors from MIT, Stanford University and the University of Washington said Boston Uber and Lyft drivers were more than twice as likely to cancel rides for passengers who had “African American-sounding names.”

Researchers conducted a separate study in Seattle and reported that black passengers waited 35 percent longer for rides.

“The study has found major areas of racial discrimination within this new industry. It’s quite concerning,” MIT professor Christopher Knittel said in a statement. “The patterns of discrimination were quite clear and consistent in both cities – and one can only assume it’s happening all across the country in other markets.”

The study also found that drivers took women passengers for longer and more expensive rides.

Both Uber and Lyft says their services have helped underserved communities, but there is no place for discrimination in their business.


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