MILFORD (CBS) – Police are searching for two missing goats that escaped, were caught, and then were stolen by two men pretending to own the animals.

The domesticated goats initially escaped from their Chestnut Street home on Tuesday, but were corralled by neighbors.

While the neighbors were waiting for the Animal Control Officer, two Spanish speaking men pulled up and claimed the goats were theirs.

The men took the goats and left.

Police said the goats, named Mamacita and Tree Star, belong to a woman who has raised them since they were born.

Milford Police said the goat’s owner is asking whoever took the animals to return them, no questions asked.

Comments (2)
  1. Are you sayin, somebody got their goat?

  2. anmnh says:

    OMG, even before I read the story, I thought “the hispan ics took these goats.” Sadly, I doubt they are alive now.

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