BOSTON (CBS) – The third and final presidential debate will be held Wednesday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

What does their body language say about the candidates?

Non-verbal communication expert Don Khoury has his take from the second debate.

Comments (4)
  1. mikey says:

    This seemingly endless horror show of a presidential race makes me want to heave. Talk about body language.

  2. American says:

    Trump is the whiniest spoiled brat ever.

  3. mstarvin says:

    Body Language expert?? Gee can he guess which finger I am holding up to him right now? How about we discuss some of the leaked emails?? Oh yeah we can’t do that because it would show what kind of unfit candidate she is…..

  4. divigallery says:

    Keller is such a biased joke.

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