BOSTON (CBS) — Monday night was a tough one for Boston Red Sox fans.

Not only did they have to watch their team get swept out of the playoffs by Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians, but they had to say farewell to David Ortiz.

Toucher & Rich had “Intern” Nick Gemelli outside of Fenway to chat with fans after the game, and he met up with one member of Red Sox Nation who got a bit emotional. He was having a hard time grasping the fact that the season — and Ortiz’s career — was over, and it probably didn’t help that he got booted from the game with the Red Sox down to their final strike either. It certainly sounds like his ejection was followed by some uncontrollable sobbing, and he was again fighting back the waterworks as he spoke (rather, screamed at) Nick.

The fan, who said he was the “rallying guy” in the bleachers throughout the evening, had some great passion when it came to John Farrell’s job security. Listen to the full drunken recap here:

And after the segment aired, T&R listeners took to Twitter to have some fun with Red Sox Nation’s emotional leader:


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