BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston Red Sox legend is taking heat for how he marked the team’s loss to the Cleveland Indians Monday night.

Pedro Martinez, an analyst for TBS, let out a war whoop during the postgame broadcast. He said it was his way to “pay tribute” to the team.

The ace’s actions were immediately blasted on social media for being an offensive stereotype about Native Americans.

Sure enough, Martinez took to Twitter to issue an apology later on Monday night, saying that the gesture was misunderstood.

Comments (3)
  1. gbfranz says:

    PC is a cancer…

  2. Steve Earp says:

    Lighten up everyone. He’s apologized. It was insensitive but not mean spirited in any way.

  3. Pedro can do whatever he likes. It is fine with me. If some Indian somewhere is offended that is good too. If something as silly as that offends them I feel sorry for them. A lot of Indians, unfortunately, have real problems in their lives to worry about.

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