GLENDALE, Calif. (CBS) – Check your freezers: A popular ice cream product is being recalled because it could be contaminated with a potentially deadly bacteria.

Nestle is recalling certain varieties of its famous Drumstick ice cream treats over Listeria fears. According to the FDA, equipment used to produce the ice cream tested positive for the bacteria.

The recall affects the 16 count Variety Pack and the 24 count Vanilla Pack with best before dates in June 2017.

The recalled Nestle products (Image credit FDA)

The recalled Nestle products (Image credit FDA)

Listeria can sometimes be fatal to young children and the elderly, and can make healthy people sick. There have not been any illnesses reported in connection with the recall yet.

Nestle says this is not related to the Listeria recall for Blue Bell ice cream.

Anyone who bought the recalled ice cream should bring it back to the store, Nestle says.

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  1. Marie Winegar says:

    how is it the 8 count packages are not included. are they made in some other factory please ensure you include all that could be affected.

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