DENNIS (CBS) — Dennis police officers received an unexpected but special delivery at the station Sunday morning.

The department received at 9:41a.m. from a teen girl saying that her mother was in labor and they would be pulling into the parking lot of the police station.

The mother, Mary Walker, told WBZ her due date was October 12, but she knew around 8:30a.m. that Sunday — just three days shy — was the day.

“I kept telling my mom ‘I have to push, I have to push’ and she was like ‘don’t push yet,'” Mary said.

Mary’s mother was driving the car while Mary’s 15-year-old daughter Mikalaya called police.

Mary said her contractions were coming on faster and the child wasn’t going to wait. Two officers rushed to the parking lot and within minutes she gave birth.

The mother and newborn named Ella were taken to Cape Cod Hospital where both are recovering well.

“Congratulations to the family, well wishes for health and happiness … and sleep!” Dennis police said in a Facebook post. 



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