REVERE (CBS) — Trucks loaded with supplies are heading south to help communities hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.

Crews gathered at the parking lot of G J Towing in Revere Saturday to load items like generators and water.

“We have three trucks heading down, two trailers filled with wood tarps,” said volunteer Jordan Avery. “I want to go down there and help these people.”

At midnight, six volunteers will drive 1000 miles to Charleston, SC, and possibly continue on to Florida, to give relief to victims impacted by the hurricane.

“I’ve had 17 years in civil service and I’ve had 30-plus years in construction, so it’s a perfect fit for me,” said Louis Falzarano, owner of the emergency services company Boston Board Up.

Falzarano’s company works with insurance companies to secure homes damaged and destroyed by accidents and natural disasters. This is the first time the former firefighter will travel the long distance to offer his services.

Avery, too, is familiar with disaster relief. He has worked for years for the Red Cross and MEMA.

“Hopefully someone will help my family if God forbid this ever happened to them,” Avery said.

“This is my first disaster since for a couple of years. I love it. I’m taking no salary. I’m taking no pay. I’m taking time off of work to go down there. I’m strictly volunteering my time,” said Avery.

The volunteers plan to stay south for as long as two weeks.

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