By Bill Shields

HOPEDALE (CBS) – This rain-free summer was hard on everyone’s lawns and gardens. So how would you like to come home, and find tire tracks on the lawn you’re trying to save?

That’s exactly what happened to a Hopedale man.

“I was stunned,” said Paul Beggs. “So I looked at the (surveillance) tape and sure enough this guy is just barreling through my driveway, just turning around on my yard.”

Paul’s home has a nice, big blacktop driveway. But apparently, an Amazon delivery driver decided it would be easier to just drive off the blacktop, turn around on the grass, and end up back on the driveway, which he did.

Beggs says he is happy the package got delivered on time, but at what cost?

“Honestly something as simple as an apology, that would make all the difference to me, I mean it’s just unacceptable to do stuff like that,” says Beggs.

Amazon contacted the homeowner Wednesday and said they would pay for the damage.

  1. i'm right says:

    Paula Ebben Raaaaaawwwwwrrrrrr! Still got it.

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