By Liam Martin

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s the lap of luxury on the high seas, visiting Boston today, and we’re taking you aboard.  The newly renovated, updated, re-mastered Queen Mary 2 docked at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.  We took a closer look at the iconic flagship for the Cunard Line after the ocean liner’s multi-million dollar facelift.

“She is the grandest, biggest ocean liner that’s ever been built, and it was time to refresh her in a very modern way, a very contemporary way, for today’s luxury travelers,” says Stanley Birge of the Cunard Line.

At a price tag of $132-milllion, the makeover touched ever part of the massive ship.

Queen Mary II. (Photo by U.S. Coast Guard)

Queen Mary II. (Photo by U.S. Coast Guard)

“When you step onto a Cunard ship it is stepping into another world.  It’s a place that people aspire to go to, it’s on bucket lists,” Birge says.

The ship is as long as 4 football fields and can carry nearly 3000 passengers.  State rooms have been added and updated, deco style artwork harkens back to another time, restaurants have been redone and there’s a kennel for passengers pets.  There’s a casino, an indoor pool and even a planetarium on board.  “The idea is luxury on a grand scale,” says Birge.

Queen Mary 2. (WBZ)

Queen Mary 2. (WBZ)

“The ship is the re-do.  We were on the ship when it was the old ship and it’s beautiful.  They did a great job,” says Laurie Johnson a passenger from Pittsburgh.  “The service is top quality, food is fabulous and accommodations are wonderful,” says her friend and fellow passenger Philip Liebscher.

“I am the only Massachusetts guy and the only American in the fleet.  So I’m called the token Yank,” says Navigation Officer Kevin Morrissey who is from Peabody.

“Every time you pull into Boston, for me, is just a really nice homecoming.  It’s emotional,” he says.

The Queen Mary 2 is on a 7-day cruise from New York to Quebec.  The cost for that voyage can range from about $1500 for 2 people, all the way up to $40,000 for an experience that is the best of the best.


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