Satanic Temple To Open International Headquarters In Salem

SALEM, Mass. (AP) — Salem residents are feeling unsettled after receiving word that the Satanic Temple is moving its international headquarters to an old Victorian mansion in the Massachusetts town.

The nationally recognized political and religious organization will open the doors of its new command center on Friday. The building is a former funeral home located around the corner from an elementary school.

Most recently the Bridge Street structure operated as the Salem Art Gallery. The Satanic Temple plans to continue holding exhibits at the site.

Organization spokesman Lucien Greaves says the Satanic Temple “isn’t an attack on anybody” and stressed that members won’t be going door to door or affecting neighbors’ lives in any way.

Salem officials say they are currently working to better understand the temple’s intended use.

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One Comment

  1. mstarvin says:

    I would rather live next to them than to a mosque full of people who want to kill me. I haven’t heard of any Satanists committing acts of terror…

  2. ml863 says:

    Harm none Do as you will

  3. Snookums says:

    This is deplorable. I am against this.

  4. mstarvin says:

    This line make me wonder…”Salem officials say they are currently working to better understand the temple’s intended use.”….is the same concern/scrutiny used when a mosque is being built?

  5. Priests have harmed many more children than Santanist have.

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