1 Killed, 2 Injured In Dorchester Triple Shooting

BOSTON (CBS) – One person was killed and two were injured early Saturday morning during a Dorchester shooting.

Boston Police said the incident took place around 2:20 a.m. in the area of Wales and Kingsdale Street.

One person did not survive and two others were taken to area hospitals.

Police have not yet made any arrests.

No further information is currently available.


One Comment

  1. Raylan12 says:

    Typical inner city drug and gang violence. Maybe if stupid, one term chumps like charlie “take my ball and go home because chris christy dropped out of the presidential race” baker and that nazi maura healey spent more time doing something to combat inner city gangs instead of demonizing doctors and the pharmaceutical companies, multiple people would not be shot every day in the wonderful, inner city that democrats created.

    1. American says:

      Hey Derp, the drug companies are pushing amphetamines like Adderall to kids ages 3 and up and telling Doctors Oxycontin had a 1% addiction rate when it was 40%. Now your redneck America is full of white parents and grandparents doing heroin in front of their kids. Welcome to the republican slum of America where drug companies and other lobbyists make the laws.

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