Keller @ Large: Trust In Media Sinks To A New Low

BOSTON (CBS) – Surprise, surprise.

According to a new Gallup poll, public trust and confidence in the media to “report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has sunk to the lowest point since they began asking the question in 1972.

Just 32-percent of us express trust in the media, a drop of eight points in only a year.

Back in the mid-1970s, after the media delivered the truth about Watergate, that number hit an all-time peak of 72-percent, but over the last decade or so it’s been look-out-below.

The dropoff has been especially sharp among Republicans, where trust in the media has plummeted from 32-percent last year to 14-percent.

This is what happens in an era of information silos when your preferred sources spend much of their time complaining about media bias, real and imagined.

These results may be no big deal to media outlets interested only in clicks, ratings and buzz who couldn’t care less about earning public trust.

But for the rest of us, it’s a challenge to do better.

We have to redouble our commitment to checking facts. The internet has proven to be an accelerant for rumors and lies, but it is also an amazing resource for research, one we don’t make enough use of.

And every newsroom should pay more attention to how we present those facts. We have to be more aware of snarky phrases that too often convey bias, even where it’s unintended.

Some people are addicted to conspiracy theories, and they will never be persuaded to trust us. But I think most people just want us to be careful, professional, and show them we’re really trying.

And that doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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One Comment

  1. hammerhead says:

    Hmmm Keller, i wonder why? could it be the Bias of the Media? the filtered censored one sided reporting?

  2. Mr Keller should look in the mirror, he’ll see the problem.

  3. mstarvin says:

    Jon acting surprised by this fact is like Bill Clinton being surprised that Hillary doesn’t trust him with female interns.

  4. Concerned American says:

    And as is the case every so often, Jon wants to whine about the lack of trust in the media, but he and his compadres just keep doing the same thing. This commentary – especially thinking this is all about checking facts – just shows he doesn’t get it. In a few short weeks/months, he will rinse and repeat.

  5. jerry2286 says:

    “This is what happens in an era of information silos when your preferred sources spend much of their time complaining about media bias, real and imagined.”

    If you wonder why people don’t trust the media, just ask Jon “Idiot” Keller why he couldn’t write one single diatribe without making a swipe at Donald Trump.

  6. mstarvin says:

    Let’s see why would the public not trust the media….mmmmm?? How about Katie “anti-second amendment” Couric editing interviews with pro-second amendment people to make them look stupid??? Oh yeah they are suing her for $12 million… How about Dan Rather’s fake Bush story?? Where was the CBS fact checking then?? Jon you are like the fox asking the farmer why he doesn’t trust him to guard the hen house…

  7. The Owl says:

    My goodness, Jon…are you deleting comments critical comments made by your readers? Are you proving my points?

    Let’s have another go at it, then…

    What have you done to contribute to the lack of trust with the media?

    After all, you have yout o devote a single offering that is critical of Hillary’s many missteps in this campaign…All the while offering seveal times a week articles that excoriate Donald Trump in the most perjorative way that you can within decency standards.
    Additionally, throught the Demcratic primary season you avoided any coverage on Bernie Sanders’ rather remarkable campaign against the stacked deck that Hillary and Debbie engineered to assure her coronation

    Yoy have also waxed poetic about how you see your readers/listeners as important people to listen and respond to. Are you going to establish your hipocracy by continuing to evade addressing the points about the bias that people perceive in you coverage?

    Let me add, I care not if you are biased. I just think that you to tell us and tell us of its extent.

    1. Concerned American says:

      get your head out of your butt son

  8. Welfare Jerry republican leech. says:

    Of course Trump does not want his uneducated sycophants to actually believe any facts in the media.
    Nobody lies more than Trumpler, nobody.

    1. mstarvin says:

      Hillary hasn’t been able to speak a truthful word since her college days. You can’t even spell HILLARY without LIAR.

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