In the United States, considerable progress has been made in making sure that women are not penalized for becoming mothers. In other areas of the world, women still face motherhood-based discrimination.
On a recent trip to Serbia that included man-made lightning at the Tesla Museum and a fabulous hotel (both of which you will see in this video), I met Jovana.
Jovana Ruzicic is a social innovator who founded the Center for Moms, a non-profit organization advocating for mom’s rights. The Center for Moms fights for a Serbia where mothers are not discriminated against and have a chance to achieve their full human potential. The group focuses mostly on workplace discrimination, but it addresses challenges in other areas as well.
This travel video of Belgrade includes an interview with Jovana, done at a very cool bar called the “Federal Association of Globe-Trotters.”

Here is info on the Center for Moms:


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