Walpole High School Cancels Dances Due To ‘Intoxicated Kids’

By Chantee Lans, WBZ-TV

WALPOLE (CBS) – Walpole High School officials say underage drinking has led them to cancel their annual student dances.

Principal Steven Imbusch announced the canceling off all dances, with exception of prom, because of students showing up drunk. According to Principal Imbusch, intoxicated students were kicked off the dance floor during the last five consecutive dances.

“After escorting intoxicated kids off the dance-floor for the last five consecutive dances, I decided we needed to take a break,” the Imbusch said.

He did say that it was not the majority of the students who were illegally drinking. Dances affected will be a formal winter ball, a neon glow in the dark party, and a pink dance, which is a fundraiser for breast cancer.

Both students and parents told WBZ that they are disappointed in the principal’s decision. “Some of the best memories here at this high school have been at those dances,” said Senior Colin Buckley. Freshman Christopher Reilly was looking forward to attending the dances for the first time.

“I guess it’s a few bad kids but you know canceling dances won’t really do too much considering who knows if they’ll just stop doing it because it was a dance. Maybe they have other ways of doing it (drinking) outside of the dances,” said Reilly.

“It’s sad. I feel bad for the kids, I do,” said Parent Aimee McLaughlin who has a sophomore daughter who plays soccer at the high school.

Principal Imbusch released a statement to WBZ reading in part “It’s a shame, because the majority of students go to dances just to have fun, and are able to do so without alcohol.” The principal said that the underage drinking at the school dances got so bad, that teachers no longer wanted to volunteer to chaperone.

The first canceled dance this school year, which was scheduled for early October, was the pink dance.


One Comment

  1. Steve says:

    All I can say is it’s about time! Walpole High School has had a long drinking and drug problem among their students, with very little being done about it! Sadly, when kids are caught with alcohol and drugs the punishments are negligible. The schools enforcement has always been suspect, right up there with the police assigned liaison. More needs to be done in terms of zero tolerance! Why did it take SO long to finally implement a punishment, if cancelling a couple dances is really a punishment?!

    In my humble opinion and from a parent of a recent Walpole High school graduate.

    1. SuperWittySmitty says:

      Punishing the whole school seems excessive. A stricter door policy, along with strong and immediate communication with the parents of the students involved would probably be a more effective deterrent while still allowing the students who are behaving to enjoy these activities. We’re trying to teach these kids how to become adults; as adults, we punish those who break the rules but we do not punish everyone just because some people break the law. If that were the case, no one would be allowed to drive because some people drive when they’re intoxicated.

  2. Wall hole high says:

    Nevermind the kids eating vodka jello at lunch.

  3. Walpole High Valedictorian says:

    Time for some Ecstasy instead guys!

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