By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – “I was repeatedly raped by Al Gibbs for a two year period,” said an emotional Anne Scott. On Tuesday, Scott and other former students at the prestigious St. George’s School in Rhode Island gathered in the law offices of attorney Eric MacLeish to recount their horrific stories.

“It was horrible,” says Katie Wales, who says she was also raped by Al Gibbs, the school’s athletic trainer in the late 70’s. “I became known as the slut of the school, that I would show my body to anybody.”

Lawyers for the victims say they’ve identified seven former staff members who abused students there, at least 40 victims. “There is no explanation, quite frankly, for an environment like St. George’s School, which allowed these predators, dressed up like sheep, to prey like wolves, on children at this school,” said attorney Eric MacLeish.

“I was publicly raped while I was at St. George’s as a freshman in 1978 by a fellow student,” says Harry Groome, who was just 14 years old when the attack happened.

The victims say they’ve been quiet all these years because of legal maneuvering by the school, which kept “gag orders” in place but now they’re speaking out.

“When you’re raped, your voice is stolen, your soul is taken away and all that a gag order does is preserve the institution’s reputation,” Scott said.

The school issued a statement apologizing for the trauma and offered unlimited counseling.

But the victims say the current Headmaster was part of the cover-up.


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