BOSTON (CBS) – When Mike Golic came out recently and “dissed” fellow ESPN colleague Bill Simmons for saying he likes to “grab headlines,” Fred Toucher’s initial feeling on the situation was, “Hey Golic, why don’t YOU grab headlines?”

ESPN Radio’s morning drive show Mike & Mike, with the well-spoken, fastidious Mike Greenberg and former jock Mike Golic, is known to be quite a bland, vanilla radio program with little-to-no strong opinions.

“It is a mashed potato sandwich with mayo on white bread,” Fred said to describe the show. “It is deplorable and an insult to anyone who tries to do radio.”

Well Greenberg and Golic have a book out that was published in 2010. It’s called ‘Mike and Mike’s Rules for Sports and Life’, and the book is just as boring and corny as the show, littered with unfunny jokes and humorless accounts.

But for some reason the book sold really well. In fact, Mike Greenberg is a New York Times Bestselling author.

Fred and Rich were genuinely curious … how funny are they? Are they really that funny and interesting?

To test it out, they sent call screener Adolfo Gonzalez and former intern Nick to open mic night at a local comedy club. Adolfo and Nick performed onstage together as “Ike & Ike,” and read direct passages from the bestselling book in front of the crowd.

What makes them different is what makes them great … I guess.

Listen below!

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