The Patriots are heading to Miami to take on the Dolphins in Week 1 this Sunday, and so to help give listeners an education on life in Florida, Rich introduced a new game.

This one’s called Miami over-under, and it involves Rich giving a scenario and a number, with Fred and Wallach picking the over or under.

Some examples include:

Ryan Tannehill sacks in 2013: 48

Awful bands from Florida (with audio samples and a bonus Fred Durst rant): 4

Of the four numbers retired by the Miami Heat, the number of players who never played for the Miami Heat: 1

Number of framed Aaron Hernandez jerseys that Mike Pouncey keeps in his house: 0

Number of minutes it took Miami resident Rudy Eugene to eat a man’s face on national television: 4 minutes

Number of times Miami resident Alice called 911 to report roommate for taking her beer out of her hand: 1

See how you do in the game by listening below:


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