LOWELL (CBS) – Lowell police said Thursday that an officer was justified in shooting a man multiple times during a traffic stop in August.

Officer Patrick Casey was placed on leave, a standard protocol after a shooting involving an officer, following an incident on August 27 on Middlesex Street in Lowell.

During the incident, police said Casey pulled over a driver who ran a red light and did not have his headlights turned on.

Lowell resident Darris Newton, 23, then allegedly stepped out of his car and fired multiple rounds from a handgun. Police said Casey returned fire, striking Newton in the chest and arm. Casey was not struck or injured during the exchange.

According to Lowell police, a “thorough and complete investigation” was conducted by the department, and it showed that the use of lethal force was justified.

Police said evidence showed that Casey acted in self-defense, returning fire and shooting Newton twice.

“The investigation further shows that Officer Casey acted heroically in his actions, not only in defending himself from imminent harm but also aiding in the swift capture of his assailant and protecting the citizens of Lowell from a violent felon,” Lowell police said on Thursday.

“Officer Casey showed the poise and professionalism of a veteran officer even though he has less than a year on patrol. The City of Lowell is fortunate to count this young officer among those who have dedicated themselves to their public safety.”

Newton was charged with armed intent to murder following the incident, along with several other gun and motor vehicle charges. He is being held without bail until his next court appearance.


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