By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — So perhaps you’ve heard of a report or a rumor that said Rajon Rondo has requested a trade from the Celtics, except you didn’t quite catch all of the information and the details were a little bit sketchy. Well, that’s because the entire report is a bit flimsy.

In case you missed it, the folks at ESPN show “Around The Horn” uploaded a video of Jackie MacMullan talking on the set. In the video, which is quoted on, someone mentioned Rajon Rondo potentially being traded.

“Oh, I hope so. Just get it done,” MacMullan said. “And it will happen because he’s told them he wants out. And no one believes me, but that’s the truth.”

The video was uploaded on Wednesday, gained traction on Sunday morning and then was quickly removed from the Internet by Sunday afternoon. The removal of the video from YouTube only added to the mysterious nature of the story.

Once the story became a story, Rondo and his agent, Bill Duffy, denied that any trade request was made, according to the Boston Herald.

“They want this on the record,” an agency spokesperson told the Herald. “Neither has spoken to anyone about this.”

Of course, MacMullan didn’t come out and report that Rondo requested a trade, but given her stature and reputation, this hearsay carries a lot more weight than it would if it came from a less reputable source.

Rondo, 28, is due to make $12.9 million this season, the final year of his five-year, $55 million contract. With the Celtics coming off a 25-57 season and with little expectation for much improvement in the coming year, it would make sense for both the player and the team to push for a trade. The player would gain a chance to play in a more competitive environment in order to showcase his skills and make more money as a free agent, while the team would gain some valuable resources in an effort to rebuild, rather than simply losing the player to free agency at the end of a lost season.

Nevertheless, Rondo’s agent denies the report, and so closes the book on the latest chapter in the Rondo trade rumor saga. Chances are, it hasn’t closed for the last time.


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