BOSTON (CBS) – Rich Keefe gives us his fantasy football studs, duds and sleepers as the NFL regular season approaches!

Quarterbacks Sleepers:

It’s hard to be both a quarterback and a fantasy sleeper, but Keefe provided a few names for us to key on in the later rounds.

“There’s only 32 quarterbacks in the league, and the bottom five or six you can basically dump off. But a guy like Josh McCown I kind of like. He’ll probably be drafted as a backup, or maybe not at all depending on the league and roster sizes. I like Josh McCown. I played him a lot last year.”

Another quarterback Keefe is fascinated by plays within the division, and the Patriots will get a chance to see him Week 1.

“You know who I wouldn’t draft, but I’m intrigued by? Ryan Tannehill. He could finally make the jump this year. He’s got a chance.”

“I like Tannehill too. Bill Lazor is the offensive coordinator there, he was the quarterbacks coach last year in Philadelphia, so maybe some of that Chip Kelly magic rubs off,” added Adam Jones. “I like Tannehill as well.”

Jones disagrees, but Keefe urges you to stay away from this next potential fantasy bust.

“I don’t like Robert Griffin III at all. But if you do draft RGIII, you’ll probably draft your next quarterback sooner than most,” said Keefe.

Running Back Sleepers:

“It’s all about value, especially with the bigger names and where you can get them in the draft. Chris Johnson with the Jets. I think a lot of people have written him off. But you know what? He gets 1,000 yards every time he’s out there. Maybe he doesn’t get to 1,000 yards this year, but he’s going to be damn close. I could see him getting more touchdowns this year than last. Maybe he’s your flex guy. I don’t hate Chris Johnson this year.”

Keefe also likes Darren Sproles in his new environment in Philadelphia and Khiry Robinson from the Saints.

“That’s been a very tricky position and team to peg the last few years,” Keefe said regarding Robinson in New Orleans. “They have Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory a few years ago. You never knew who was gonna be the guy. But I like Robinson out of all those guys.”

 Listen below for the full discussion, including wide receiver sleepers and how the fall of Stevan Ridley in drafts can help you:

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