We all love the ballgirls that protect the lines at a Major League Baseball game. Fear not fans who sit in the first rows along the foul lines – the ballgirls are here to protect you from flying foul balls (and if you’re lucky they will throw you a ball after they make a great play). This season in particular, there have been some amazing snags by ballgirls across the country.

1178988121 5 Fantastic Plays By A Ballgirl

(Photo Credit: Otto Geule Jr./Getty Images)

Let’s take a look at five of the best…


 5. A great short hop snag by the ballgirl at Fenway Park! 


 4. Two for one! This Padres ballgirl makes two fantastic plays down the line.


 3. The crowd goes nuts when this ballgirl from Washington plays the ball perfectly off the wall.

 2. Look out! Check out this snag from the Pirates ballgirl as the ball heads for the stands.


 1. Heading back to San Diego – one of the best sideline catches you’ll see all season.


Bonus : A reminder of how dangerous a job it can be!


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