WESTWOOD (CBS) – Westwood Police arrested a man they said stole tens of thousands of dollars from residents of a retirement complex where he was hired to work as a security guard.

Police announced on Wednesday that Frank Tarr, 60, of Middleboro, was arrested on Monday and charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of larceny from a building, both felonies.

Surveillance image from Westwood thefts. (Image courtesy Westwood PD)

Surveillance image from Westwood thefts. (Image courtesy Westwood PD)

“Many people, including Frank Tarr, probably thought that his victims were forgotten and their cases would never be solved, but Committed to Service isn’t just a phrase on our police cars, it’s a philosophy we live by,” Westwood Police Chief Jeffrey P. Silva said in a statement. “I personally went with my officers to make this arrest because I want everyone to know very clearly – when you break into our residents’ homes, it’s like breaking into one of our homes and we’re coming after you.”

Multiple burglaries were reported from the Fox Hill Village apartment complex beginning in October. In each case, police said the tenant was away on extended leave and returned home to find valuables missing from their home.

No forced entry occurred, and police believed the suspect either wore gloves or wiped fingerprints from the scene. Police added that their investigation led them to believe the crimes were committed by someone who knew the residents’ activities and had access to a key.

Westwood Police worked with the apartment complex’s security manager to obtain video from hidden security cameras that had been installed throughout the complex.

Footage allegedly showed Tarr entering the home of a resident who was away on vacation, without their permission.

Thanks to the video evidence, police executed a search warrant for Tarr at his Middleboro home. He was arrested without incident.

Officers took several items from Tarr’s home and vehicle, including latex surgical gloves they said he was wearing when captured on the security video entering the apartments.

Westwood Police allege Tarr stole tens of thousand dollars during the burglaries. He was arraigned on Wednesday in Dedham District Court and released after posting $500 bail.



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