HAVERHILL (CBS) – A 13-year-old boy is in hot water after allegedly telling police a tall tale after he and a friend became stranded on the Merrimack River in a stolen boat.

Boats, divers and helicopters were deployed to search the river Tuesday night when the boy told police about 7:45 that his 17-year-old friend had fallen into the river and never resurfaced after the pair stole a power boat in the area of the Moody School.

A search continued until about 11 p.m. when it was suspended with plans to resume Wednesday morning.

After investigating the incident and interviewing the boy, police said, officers determined that the boy stole the boat on River Street with another boy. The 13-year-old said the pair only made it a few hundred yards up the river when power boat conked out and they were stranded.

One of the boys swam safely to shore while the other waited on the boat until rescue workers arrived and he allegedly concocted the story of the missing 17-year-old.

Police said they are confident no one is missing but added that the investigation is ongoing and charges are probable.



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