MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – They say timing is everything and it certainly was for police in Manchester, New Hampshire.

A U.S. Postal Inspector called them last Friday about a suspicious package that a K-9 later confirmed had contained drugs.

Officers then set up what they called a “controlled delivery” of the package to the person listed on it, Celso Nunez Baez, 33, of Manchester.

Celso Nunez-Baez. (Photo courtesy: Manchester, NH Police)

Celso Nunez-Baez. (Photo courtesy: Manchester, NH Police)

“Upon signing for the package, detectives spoke with him about the package. Nunez Baez consented to a search of the delivered package and detectives located sixteen pounds of marijuana,” police said in a statement Tuesday.

“Detectives also located another 9.8lbs. of marijuana in his home, as well as small handgun.”

Then, while police were still at Nunez Baez’s home, a FedEx delivery truck showed up with a package for him.

“The package had similar markings as the one delivered by the United States Postal Service, so a Manchester Police K-9 checked the package and gave a positive alert,” police said.

“Nunez Baez refused to consent to a search of this particular package, so detectives applied for and (were) granted a Search Warrant for the contents of the FedEx delivered package.”

Detectives were finally allowed to search the package Monday.

They say they found 17 pounds of marijuana inside.

Add that to the other marijuana found Friday and police seized a total of nearly 43 pounds of pot linked to Nunez Baez.

He was charged with possession with intent to distribute.

His bail was set at $10,000, pending his court date.

A probable cause hearing is set for August 28.



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