BOSTON (CBS) – Those who know fish, go to Joe Fish.

This colorful and creative seafood spot opened in North Andover in 2000, and they recently expanded to a second location in North Reading.  It’s a family-run and family-friendly restaurant operated by father and son team Jim Dietz and Jim Dietz Jr.

“Joe Fish is a fun, casual seafood house,” said Jim Jr. “Fresh fish comes in daily. Looking for good fish, good atmosphere, good service, Joe Fish.”

“We are a funky fresh seafood house, traditional New England,” added Jim Sr. “And it’s the best seafood you’re ever going to have.”

Mussels, calamari, lobster rolls, shrimp cocktail. The food at Joe Fish is full of flavorful surprises, whether it comes from the grill, the fryolator, or sautee pan.  And the atmosphere is a feast for the senses.

“You’re going to get funky artwork,” said the elder Dietz. “You’re going to get colorful. You’re going to get bubbly water features. It’s just a lot of movement and a lot of excitement.”

“Our chef Jay Duffley does both restaurants. And you’re going to see a very similar feel in both North Andover and North Reading,” he added.

“The atmosphere is fun. Everybody’s laughing, everybody’s having a good time,” remarked the younger Jim. “Conversations are going on.

“We want them to come back. We want that wow factor. We’re going for that. We’re going for people to say ‘Wow. We can’t get this anywhere but Joe Fish.’ And that’s what we want to do here. We want to give you something you can’t get elsewhere.”

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