The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones.

Here are the topics Jones and Rich Keefe had to tackle:

– Buy Or Sell: Jimmy Garoppolo is the second quarterback to play for the Patriots on Friday against the Eagles.

“I buy that. Even independent of the Ryan Mallett injury, I would have thought that Garoppolo was really gonna be the guy to get the second chance,” said Jones. “The way you find out what Garoppolo is is to actually play him with real guys and not just the third stringers at the end of the game.”

For what it’s worth, Scott Zolak believes Garoppolo will be second string Friday night as well.

– Buy Or Sell: Last place teams in Major League Baseball should not have to play 19 innings.

“I buy that. That’s actually a great idea. Maybe we can put that on Tom Werner’s radar for when he’s commissioner. If that’s a new rule in Major League Baseball and that’s part of his platform, I think that’s a great idea,” said Jones.

– Buy Or Sell: LeBron James wins more titles in Cleveland than he did in Miami.

“If this Kevin Love trade goes through I’m gonna buy it. I think they can match what they did in Miami and even tack on another one. He’s at the height of his powers, he’s getting a 25-year-old Kevin Love and what? A 22-year-old Kyrie Irving? I’ll take the over on that. I can see them winning at least two or three in Cleveland,” said Jones.

– Buy Or Sell: Rory McIlroy will win more major championships than any other non-American. (Gary Player, South Africa, won nine majors)

“Nine majors is half of Jack Nicklaus’ total and Tiger Woods has 14. Rory has won four at the age of 25. He’s one of three people since 1900 to hit that number. It’s Nicklaus, Tiger and Rory McIlroy — so I absolutely think he can pass Gary Player,” said Jones. “I think he can even catch up to right around where Tiger is. There is some parity, but there’s no real dominant player that McIlroy has to beat out, so I’ll buy him passing Gary Player.”

– Buy Or Sell: Johnny Manziel will be the Browns Week 1 starter.

“I buy it. He should be. Teddy Bridgewater, even though he didn’t look all that good in Minnesota’s preseason game, should be. Blake Bortles? I don’t know why the Jaguars are redshirting him.”

“The Jaguars must be really high on Chad Henne. Big Chad Henne guys in Jacksonville,” joked Keefe.

“Manziel should be the starter. I thought he was somewhat impressive in their first preseason game. His mobility was impressive. It looks like his running will translate to the NFL. I was somewhat encouraged, so I’m gonna buy it,” concluded Jones.

Listen for the full segment, and leave us your answers in the comments section below!



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