BOSTON (CBS) – Why don’t we set aside our political differences for a moment and unite in a warm Massachusetts welcome for President Obama and his family as they vacation here in our New England paradise.

I hope they have a relaxing visit, and then tell the rest of America to come here and bring all their money along.

Photos: Obamas 2014 Vineyard Visit

But one of the burdens of the presidency is that every move you make is watched and analyzed, even when you’re on down time. And the president’s devotion to golf is the focus of a big cover story on the website Politico entitled “Our Lonely First Duffer.”

They did a review of the president’s playing partners that Politico claims shows Mr. Obama “has managed to turn this most gregarious of games into an intensely private obsession, one he has shared almost entirely with the handful of close friends—many of them old high-school pals from Hawaii—and [mostly junior] White House aides he asks into his foursome. [He] spends most of his time with golf partners he not only doesn’t have to persuade—he doesn’t even have to talk to them.”

On Saturday, the president golfed with former Celtic Ray Allen, sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, and Cyrus Walker, the cousin of a close advisor.

Sunday it was Rashad and Walker again, plus Robert Wolf, a Wall Street bigwig who raised a cool half-million for the president’s re-election campaign.

No backtalkers there. I get Politico’s point, the president’s golf habits may be a lost opportunity.

Then again, look who he’s dealing with, in both parties.

Sometimes, a golfer just wants to golf.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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