BOSTON (CBS) – It was a Fill In The Blank Friday on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones segment!

Adam Jones and Rich Keefe were off, so Adam Kaufman and Joe Murray filled in.

Fill In The Blank:

– The best Red Sox starting pitcher the rest of this year will be ____________.

Kaufman: “It will not be Clay Buchholz. I’m going with Rubby De La Rosa.”

– Outside of Jimmy Garoppolo, the most impressive player for the Patriots in their preseason opener was ____________.

Murray: “Steve Beauharnais. Outside linebacker No. 58. The second-year player out of Rutgers had nine tackles on the night. He played at inside linebacker and outside linebacker. Considering that nobody has tackled in like a year, he looked really good against the run. There’s going to be some open spots at linebacker for this season and I think Steve Beauharnais can play behind Jerod Mayo and Dont’a Hightower. He really stepped up for that defense Thursday night.”

– The Bruins player with the most goals next year will be ____________.

Kaufman: “I’m gonna go with Milan Lucic. He had 24 goals last year. People are down on this guy right now, but I’m looking at Looch to have a rebound season. Not that he was terrible, he did have 59 points in his 80 games, but he’s always given you basically from the mid-20s to the 30s the past four years. I’m looking at him to bounce back and justify that $6 million salary.”

– The Patriots player with the worst showing in the preseason opener was ____________.

Murray: “I’m gonna say Logan Ryan to answer the question. But I also thought it was interesting that Ryan Wendell didn’t get the start. It’s not a good sign if you’re a veteran offensive lineman playing in the fourth quarter.”

Listen below for the full discussion and leave us your answers in the comments section!


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