ARLINGTON (CBS) – Two men are under arrest for allegedly beating a cab driver over a fare after police tracked down one who used a credit card in the cab and left several cards with his name on them in the back seat.

Christopher LaFrance, 25, of Arlington, and Jacob Shaps, 24, of Boston, were charged with unarmed robbery, intimidation of a witness, and assault and battery, Arlington police said.

The cab driver told police he picked up the two men Saturday night at the Alewife MBTA station in Cambridge and drove them to Arlington.

According to police, the cabbie told the men the fare was $20 and when they paid just $2 an argument began. Police said that when the driver threatened to call police, the two men started punching him and threw his cellphone out the window of the cab.

When police responded to the scene, the cabbie told officers one of the men left several cards in the back of the cab with the name Chris LaFrance.

After determining an address for a Chris LaFrance in Arlington, officers went to the home and found both suspects who were identified by the cabbie and arrested, police said.

LaFrance and Shaps are being held at the Arlington police station and will likely be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court.

UPDATE 7/28/15: According to Cambridge District Court, all charges against Jacob Shaps and Christopher LaFrance were dropped between January 2015 and May 2015.



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